Wedding Gift Giving Made Personal

Wedding gift shopping used to be so simple, wasn't it? After all, 'back in the day' most newlyweds were heading into their marital home straight from the family home, which made buying wedding presents easy!

Those newlyweds literally needed everything - housewares, linens, furniture and even tools! Who doesn't remember their parents buying pots and pans, cutlery, or even a solid-wood rocking chair to give as a wedding gift? Couples used to count on the gifts they received during wedding showers and ceremonies to provide them with everything they needed to set up a household together, while the cash they raised during 'Buck 'n Doe' parties went towards the cost of the wedding itself.

Weddings, And Wedding Gifts, Have Changed

Well, things have certainly changed when it comes to wedding traditions, and wedding gift shopping, haven't they? While some newlyweds and their families still throw bridal showers, Jack 'n Jill events, and have complete wedding registries at department stores, more and more couples are getting married later in life - after they've started their careers and moved out of their family homes.

Many engaged couples have maintained their own homes or apartments for years, making all those 'traditional' wedding gifts of household items obsolete, especially for folks who are re-marrying. Unlike the previous generation of newlyweds, modern couples often don't need new dishes, a fine China teapot or a new quilt!

Thankfully, there's an easy, thoughtful and affordable solution for anyone who's looking for a unique and in-demand wedding present these days - personalized wood signs!

Family Established Signs - The Gift Everyone Loves

Personalized, customizable family established signs are the perfect gift for modern newlyweds. These unique, attractive pieces are easy to order on-line, and they're available in a wide range of sizes, colors and styles to fit any decor. Better yet, personalized wood signs are offered at prices that fit any budget, letting you give a truly thoughtful wedding gift - without breaking the bank!

The great thing about these eye-catching family established signs is that you know it's a gift the newlyweds will love and enjoy every single day. While many people resort to buying gift cards or stuffing an envelope with cash instead of shopping for a wedding gift, your loved ones will know you took the time to buy them a wedding gift that's sure to become a treasured family heirloom - how special is that?

So the next time you're invited to a wedding, why not think 'outside the box' and order the gift you know they'll love and cherish - a personalized wood sign!