Meaningful Wood 5th Anniversary Gifts

Celebrating A 5th Anniversary? Give Them A Personalized Wood Sign!

When it comes to celebrating wedding anniversaries, most folks think of the 'big ones' - we're talking the 25th 'Silver' and 50th 'Gold', but those are becoming a pretty rare occurrence. The fact is that fewer and fewer couples are getting hitched at a young age, and let's face it, making marriages last is tough! That's why it's so important to celebrate every wedded milestone these days - hitting the five-year mark is a big deal!

The 5th anniversary is known as the 'wooden' one, meaning that gifts commemorating the big day are traditionally made from wood.

Why Wood?

While paper is the material of choice when it comes to first-year anniversary gifts, by the time a couple hits the five-year mark, it's all about wood!

For centuries, fifth-year anniversary gifts have been either made from, or contained, real solid wood - this tradition is based on the idea that trees have always symbolized strength and wisdom, and that by the time a couple reaches their fifth year of marriage, their relationship will have grown stronger, and each person will be much wiser.

Wood also symbolizes the strong, deep roots it takes to grow a healthy, long-lasting tree - the same way that it takes a strong, healthy relationship to reach the five-year anniversary! That's why a personalized wood sign makes a great gift for any couple who's achieved this milestone - family name signs made from wood blend the traditional material for the 5th anniversary

Finding Wood Themed Gifts They'll Actually Like

So now that you know the 'why' behind the connection between wood and the 5th wedding anniversary, the question becomes 'what' - as in, what gift can you give the happy couple?

When it comes to choosing a wooden anniversary gift, it's a fine line between picking something that looks like it was made by an awkward pre-teen at summer camp, and spending big bucks on a piece of solid wood furniture.....neither is a good choice.....

That's where personalized wood signs come in - customizable, affordable and timeless. family established signs and family name signs crafted from solid wood are great 5th anniversary gifts! Available in a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles, these personalized wood signs look fabulous displayed anywhere - many couples hang theirs in the family room, kitchen or entry hall.

These unique conversation-pieces can include the names and wedding dates of the happy couple - some personalized wood signs can even be ordered with a saying, quote, or photograph, making a family established sign a custom gift that celebrates the strength of an enduring marriage!

Surprise your favorite 5th anniversary celebrants with a personalized wood sign - they'll appreciate the thoughtful, customized present, and you'll be spared the embarrassment of trying to DIY your own wooden 5th anniversary gift!