5 Reasons To Consider A Personalized Wedding Gift

Can't seem to find the perfect wedding gift for a friend or family member who is tying the knot in the near future? Sure, you can always take the easy route by giving a crock pot, toaster or gift card, but generic gifts such as these lack any real sentimental value. A better option is to choose a personalized wedding gift, and here's why.


This alone should be reason enough to choose a personalized wedding gift over a kitchen appliance or set of knives that's listed under the couple's wedding registry. With a personalized gift, you can rest assured knowing that no other guest has purchased it (at least it's highly unlikely). This eliminates the possibility of someone else giving the same gift as you.

Won't be Resold

According to a survey conducted by the British gift card company One4All, approximately 82% of all newlywed couples sell their gifts online. If the bride and groom receive two of the same gift, there's a good chance that one of the duplicates will end up on eBay or a similar online marketplace. But it's not just duplicates that are being sold. If a couple doesn't want a particular gift, it too may go up for sale. Personalized wedding gifts, however, are rarely resold due to their sentimental value.


Let's face it, personalized wedding gifts are more memorable than generic gifts. The bride and groom will likely forget which gifts came from who, but this isn't the case for personalized gifts. Because they are unique and meaningful, they will be remembered by the newlywed couple. Furthermore, personalized gifts like a monogram canvas are often used as home decor placed in prominent locations, meaning the couple will see them a daily basis.

Fun to Buy

Shopping for a personalized wedding gift is just as fun as receiving one. You'll have the opportunity to choose a style/design along with the couple's name, wedding date format, etc.


Think wedding gifts are too expensive? Certain gifts can be pricey, but others are more affordable. Thankfully, personalized gifts tend to fall under the latter category. Because most are crafted by hand, personalized gifts are usually more affordable than generic gifts. So if you're looking to buy a wedding gift without spending a fortune, consider a personalized gift.

The Bottom Line...

The average modern-day wedding has between 133 and 143 guests, according to a Real Weddings Survey. With so many guests in attendance, it's difficult to set yourself apart from the crowd. However, the right wedding gift will go a long way in making couples remember you. Instead of taking the easy route by purchasing a gift from the couple's registry, consider a personalized gift instead. As you can see, there are several reasons why personalized gifts are the preferred option.