2019 Wedding Trends

With wedding season just around the corner, it's time to take a look at the current wedding trends for 2019. Here at Script & Style, we've put together our picks for the top wedding colors, venues, and themes this year.

Rust-Colored Everything

While wedding colors usually tend to focus on either pastels or strong colors like blue, green, and purple, this season we're seeing an increased interest in the color rust.

This distinctive shade that's somewhere between burgundy and bright orange has been showing up on cars, trucks, and SUVs over the last few years, and it's now become the go-to color for everything from groom's suits to wedding floral arrangements.

If you're a fan of this unconventional shade, consider using rust-colored ribbons to accent bridesmaid dresses, print your wedding invites on a cream-colored card stock using rust accents, or even go all in and outfit your entire wedding party from head to toe in this warm and unique color.

Think Outside The Church

Getting married used to mean having the ceremony in a church or other place of worship, but over the last few years couples have increasingly sought out wedding venues that better matched their personal preferences and style.

Posh resorts, historic sites, and scenic waterfront pavilions have been among the common church-alternative venues used for weddings, but this year we're seeing some innovative brides and grooms-to-be turning to online property rental marketplaces to find a wedding venue.

Sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, and VRBO have become the go-to resources for travelers looking to break away from the cookie-cutter options offered in chain hotels, and these same sites are now seeing a notable increase in property rentals for weddings.

Holding your wedding at a lakefront cottage, on a sprawling ranch, or in a multi-million dollar home can be a great way to turn your wedding ceremony into a full wedding weekend where you and your guests can kick back, relax, and create amazing memories.

Saying No To Big Wedding Bills

We've all heard the horror stories of couples and families who struggle to pay for sky-high wedding bills from hosting lavish wedding dinners for hundreds of people.

These days, couples are scaling back on wedding day expenses by pairing down the guest list, skipping over the traditional sit-down catered wedding dinner, and getting creative when it comes to everything from sourcing their wine glasses to wearing vintage clothes. Weddings are getting smaller, more casual, and more affordable.

Some of the ways couples are cutting back on wedding day costs include buying their wine glasses at thrift shops instead of renting glassware, upcycling centerpieces and table decor, and even skipping out on renting a limo.

Eco-Friendly Weddings Are In

Weddings tend to generate a lot of waste, and most of it winds up in the landfill. Today's couples are taking notice, and they're demanding eco-friendly options for wedding supplies. Current wedding trends towards using less plastic got a royal boost with the eco-focused wedding of Princess Eugenie last year.

Look for paper straws, potted flower arrangements that can be planted after the ceremony, and a shift away from plastic decorations and party favors.

Smaller, More Meaningful Gifts

In the past, wedding presents revolved around helping the couple get their marital home set up, making linens, dishes, and small appliances popular items on wedding registries.

Today's couples no longer want or need lots of "stuff" — that's why small, personalized gifts like family name signs, commemorative wedding canvases, and photos printed on wood are among the most wished-for wedding presents this year. These are gifts that truly come from the heart, making them ideal for any couple.